Currently serving:
64 CUP  1964
TOL  5
TBORG  2021
SPEED  2028
HTL  2020
1960  1961
BIGD  2022
BIGD  2022
USFLTM  1974
TAD  1967
ESTL 3  2019
RTL  2013
JJJ  1
TTLAFC  2018
TTLNFC  2018
TSB2K  2017
SHUFF  1991
TECSHF  1992
PNWTL  1992
TTL2!  2016
TTL2  2016
T88-15  1997
XFL 2  2015
WTFR  1990
ABC  1991
MAJORS  2015
KB1  2014
CTSBL  2015
TTC  2017
CULT  1978
TTL  32
USFL  1988
HSTL  34

Welcome to Dynastyphile.

Dynastyphile endeavors to take the classic Tecmophile system and make it applicable to leagues that want to run in franchise mode. Like its predecessor, Tecmophile, Dynastyphile is easy to use and customizable to your league's needs. This site is best viewed with Mozilla Firefox 3.0 or higher.

News - 3.20.2021:

Fixed the issue where the logoff function didn't work..

News - 2.22.2020:

The site has moved from "" to "".

News - 11.21.2015:

We've switched over to a new server. Hopefully this should fix some of the speed issues we've been experiencing.

News - 9.25.2013:

I fixed a bug that was causing the user history pages to hang badly. It's still a resource intensive page but it won't take 5-8 minutes to load anymore--more like 5-15 seconds. Yes, I still try to improve the site! =) Possibly some more goodies coming in the near future.

News - 3.10.2012:

PLEASE create only 1 account for dynastyphile. If you have been invited to join a different league use the "Invitations to Other Leagues" menu option from the Profile navigation tab. Using a single login to manage all of your leagues enables you to jump from league to league without logging out and back in, consolidates all of your history into a single history page, and allows you to see your career matchup records vs owners across all leagues. If you can't remember whether you have a dynastyphile account or if you have forgotten your login information, please contact me directly by AIM at brookstonfowler or by email at [email protected], or contact your league commish who is in contact with me. You may create a 2nd login if you want to keep leagues separated or have some other deliberate purpose. Thanks.

Here's what the system currently offers. If you have any questions about Dynastyphile feel free to AIM me at brookstonfowler or shoot an email to [email protected].

Current Functionality
Extract teams and players from any TSB ROM
Edit player attributes
Coaches have direct access to edit rosters
Automatic extraction of game results, player conditions, and statistics
Create game schedule and generate weekly ROMs
Generated ROMs reflect roster changes and adjusted attributes according to injuries
Statistics Module with additive seasonal records
Easy season rollover with optional postseason awards choosers.